Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"The Beach" at the Building Museum

At the Building Museum this summer, they had an exhibit called "The Beach".  Basically, you walked into a white room, with white beach chairs, and waded into white, plastic balls.  Over a million of them.  I went with Cleo and her family and it was both fun and terrifying.

Fun to walk into a million balls that went past your waist, to press forward with all your might and only make it about 3 inches.  Then it was terrifying as you couldn't get your foot on the ground-- you kept stepping on balls and slipping under.  You would push a ball away from you and your face, only to have 45452 others fall into its place.  Because there were so many people trying to walk through and play in the pit, it got a bit scary since you could go under the plastic balls and no one would know you were there.

 It was exhausting to walk through and it was necessary to find a higher seat, where you could offer help to someone going under. 

We spent about 2 hours at the beach.  It was worth going because when else will you have a chance to jump into a million plus ball pit.  It did smell of plastic and feet, so I will take the real beach over this anytime, even with annoyance of all the crevices that sand can work its way into. 

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