Thursday, September 10, 2015

Evening Tour with the Aussies

We have been hosting family friends from Brisbane.  Sarah and her family are on their way to Barbados for Jimmy Walker 's (her dad) 90th birthday.  The last time Will saw Sarah was at least 30 years ago, possibly longer! They made DC their pit stop on their way back to the island since none of them had ever been to Washington. 

They had gorgeous days here, spending two days on the Mall going to the Air & Space, American History, and National Gallery of Art.  Another day at the Library of Congress, the Capitol, and the National Archives.  A morning at the Dulles Air & Space Museum followed by an afternoon at the National Cathedral.  

We had a movie night in the back yard (Butch Cassidy!).  We made them BBQ on Labor Day and cornish hens tonight, something they had never had.  We then took them on a evening tour of the Jefferson, The FDR, and MLK memorials. 

Sarah remarked that she never thought about touring sights at night and how it just added a new depth to the memorials.  It made for lasting memories for sure.  It is especially fun to be able to take Stirling to the memorials, especially to the FDR, where she always draws attention sitting next to Fala.  

Mr. Jefferson

Sarah, me, Tristan, Darryl, and Will.  Stirling decided to be camera shy at the last minute.

in the bread lines

Fala, Stirling, and FDR


Tidal Basin at night

We had a marvelous time with the Cobbs and now we must figure out when we are going to Brisbane and the Gold Coast of Australia to see them. 

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