Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer Is Here Officially

The heat has come to DC. With the heat is the hot hot sun and when you're a black, hairy dog, there is nothing like a fresh dip the neighbor's pool.

Twirls and spins with Biscuit are followed by a quick shake by me and a run up the lawn. Oh to be Stirling on a hot summer day like today! 


Monday, May 27, 2013

The first rhubarb

Yea! The first rhubarb harvest of the season is here! We cut several stalks and are also making the first rhubarb crumble of the year! We have been busy throughout May in the garden: with our roses, our vegetable patch, and the irises. We had to play catch up with posts with China. We even had a session at demolition (someone else's house. Turns out I'm real good with a sledgehammer.). So on this Memorial Day Weekend, as we thank our troops and enjoy a free Monday, we will also be enjoying a freshly made crumble with rhubarb cut today from our garden. Delicious.